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Evicting the Snobbery

Evicting the Snobbery

I am a pretty easygoing person. I pride myself on not being uppity or taking offense at the drop of a hat. The funny thing about getting introspective though, is that you start to notice some things about yourself. I have recently discovered that even though I am open and accepting when it comes to most things, I have retained snobbishness when it comes to others. I am not putting myself down here, or even trying to eradicate the behavior completely. I am more attempting to point out some of my ridiculous hang-ups so that I can laugh at them and let it go at that.

I think that almost all of this comes from childhood. I grew up in a home of arts and sciences. My parents had no interest in team sports of any sort. Their interests revolved more around culture and food and travel. It took me a really long time to look at football or baseball as anything but senseless and boring. I have come around on that one, though. I was a very introverted child, which led to scant social interaction with my peers. I always preferred to spend my time with adults, which consequently left me spending a lot of time alone. Then I started reading, and that is where I developed my linguistic snobbery. That is a big one that I am working on. I still correct adults, (ones who love me and I know I won’t piss off too badly), on their grammar. This is silly because no one has perfect grammar. My poor kids constantly get lectures about enunciation.

My husband has been trying for years to get me to let go of my policy that I do not camp. This is more of a fear-based issue for me than anything. I don’t think poorly of campers, I just don’t want to do it. I am terrified of sleeping on the ground where bugs crawl around, and I just can’t understand why anyone would have fun living without a shower for days at a time. I am also really bad about taking the time to recognize peoples' pain and empathize with it. When my daughter complains for the sixtieth time about how much her splinter hurts, I struggle to pull out comforting words. I watched my sister in law go through intense pain for years, so I tend to not be able to give a crap about the boo-boos in comparison. I am working on this.

I think that we all have snobberies like this preset in our minds. And the absolute best way to deal with every single one of them is to try it out for a change, and see what happens. I used to believe that it was basically a commandment breaker to put ice in white wine, and then I tried it, I discovered that not only do I like ice in wine, I love wine spritzers. Go figure. I believe that it is important to dissolve snobberies, not because we should all be more alike, but because we should all be more tolerant. Snobberies are just little additional ways for us to separate ourselves, and it is not societally healthy. So the next time that I see the crazy, tricked-out, rainbow car pass me on the street…deep breath…instead of looking at it as a wasteful disaster, I will attempt to look at it as creative and fun.

P.S. I have made no promises here to try camping, ever…even though that would be the logical assumption.


  1. I always thought I was really tacky when I put ice in my wine but I like things ice cold. Thanks! Now I don't feel bad about it haha.


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