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Twenty Things…I did that kids today don’t.

Twenty Things…I did that kids today don’t.

1.     Waking up for Saturday morning cartoons. Sorry, but I think that we respected them more back then, because we only got one shot a week to see them. Now children can watch almost anything they want at any time. It’s sort of sad.
2.     Playing outside until dark. My friends and I had free reign of the neighborhood. Our parents never worried that something would happen to us. We ran free in the woods out back and played tag until the sun went down. Then it was time to go home.
3.     Trading stickers. My best friend and I had scads, gobs, of stickers that we traded all of the time. My mom actually kept a couple of the albums that I made and my girls have them today.
4.     Fighting over the phone. I actually even fought with my parents over phone time. I can’t even imagine what houses with siblings were like.
5.     Riding in the carpool. My mom and three or four other mothers traded days driving us to school and picking us up. I don’t think anyone even does that anymore.
6.     Having a paper route. I think that adults have taken over all of those jobs. I haven’t seen a kid deliver a paper in forever.
7.     Standing up straight. If I wasn’t standing up straight when I was a kid, I got called on it. If my parents were not around, another adult would point it out. Today it seems as if bad posture and lack of confidence are in style.
8.     Mowing the lawn. By the time that I was ten it was my job and I got in trouble if the lines weren’t straight. I think in this day and age we would get accused of child endangerment if we let our kids near a lawn mower.
9.     Going barefoot. I don’t think that I wore shoes for entire weeks as a kid. I always went barefoot in our woods and we had huge hedge apple trees in it that would drop thorns constantly. I would just yank them out and keep on walking.
10. Losing gracefully. I am proud to say that I have never received a trophy in my life. I had blue ribbons several years in a row for the sack race on field day however, and I am very proud of those.
11. Passing notes. No more cute decorative notes folded into awesome origami. Just texts.
12. Setting the table. Families just don’t eat a daily meal together anymore. I have to admit that it is the same with ours. Being in the restaurant industry my husband works most nights of the week.
13. Getting a job. I applied for a worker’s permit when I was fourteen. I could not wait to start making my own money. I remember most of my friends having jobs at fifteen.
14. Playing an instrument. When I was in eighth grade we were all required to be in band, orchestra, or choir. I rarely ever see a child walking around with an instrument case anymore.
15. Going to the roller rink. It was fun, it was safe, it was active, it was social. They are pretty hard to find now. My husband and I took our kids to one the other day. It was a lot of fun.
16. Calling people Sir or Ma’am. Also, saying please, thank you, and excuse me. These words just do not exist in the vocabulary of many young people.
17. Going to grandma and grandpa’s house for the summer. The weekend is fine for getting spoiled. Any length of time past that, the house gets boring, there are too many rules, and mom and dad aren’t around to complain to.
18. Reading. The more video games there are occupying our children’s time, the fewer books they read. Personally, I find it heartbreaking.
19. Playing pretend. I love it when I notice that my kids have cooked up some scenario or the other and are playing pretend. When I was a kid, we played house and rock band a lot.
20. Looking around. When their ears are filled with portable music, and their eyes are glued to their I-phones every minute of every day, they are aware of nothing. They don’t notice the dangerous person sneaking up behind them. They can’t see the old lady who needs help with her groceries, and they miss out on the beauty of the blue sky on a sunny day.


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