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Twenty Things…I am admittedly terrible at.

Twenty Things…I am admittedly terrible at.

For me this is an exercise in reinforcing why it is so important to live interdependently. I am lucky enough to have people in my life who excel at the things that I am not particularly good at. The nice part is that I have come to a point where my lack of talent in these areas doesn’t really bother me.

1.     Playing ball. I don’t know if it stems from my dyslexia or from something else entirely, but I have no success at making contact with moving targets. I am also fearful of balls when they are moving in my direction.
2.     Dusting. I think that it is primarily because I dislike the activity so much. I leave a wake of dust behind every time that I attempt the task, no matter what type of magic duster I use.
3.     Telling a lie. Even in situations where it warrants telling a white lie to spare someone’s feelings, it is almost impossible for me to do. The game of poker boggles my mind.
4.     Remembering names. I have gotten better over the years, but I am still not at the top of the class. I will literally forget a name two minutes after I am introduced to someone.
5.     Reading music. My choir leader actually recommended that I leave the chorus in my sophomore year. She said that even though I could sing, my lack of understanding of written music would make me unsuccessful in the end.
6.     Following directions. This one can be a toss up. Yes, It causes problems for me sometimes, but I believe that just as often it helps me to discover new things that I might not have, if I followed the step by step.
7.     Consoling people. I am a great listener, and a pretty good advice giver, but when someone is deeply upset and crying, I am not so good at handling it. I get into that uncomfortable back patting place when someone is having a crisis, I just don’t know what to do.
8.     Putting up with bad drivers. Honestly, in most situations I can let almost anything roll off of my back, because I know that it is not worth my energy to worry about it. When someone disregards the safety or life of my kids because they are in a hurry or they don’t care, I get mad. I yell at them in my car where they cannot hear me. Not excessively, or red faced, or big hand gestures…but it bothers my husband when he is in the car with me.
9.     Making eggs. I make beautiful scrambled eggs, quiche, omelets, however I cannot seem to pull off an over easy egg. Ironically, this is how my husband and all three kids actually like their eggs.
10. Yard maintenance. This is probably because I am allergic to the yard. We have a good system set up where my husband is in charge of all that grows around the house.
11. Grooming the dog. I have never accidentally nicked her with scissors, or over trimmed a nail, or made her bleed. She is still terrified for some ridiculous reason however, and by the end she thinks that I have abused her and won’t come near me for two days.
12. Talking on the phone. I have mentioned this before. I can barely hear people over the phone even though my hearing is fine. I like texting.
13. Playing. I can get through a board game just fine, but ask me to play tea party or Barbies…please no!
14. Getting someplace new. I have a really hard time finding places that I have never been to before. I always try to leave myself a good extra half hour or so…
15. Painting. I mean painting large things; I never really got into painting pictures. Painting involves a lot of patience. I always forget to go slowly, and pretty soon there is paint all over the place.
16. Keeping it together. I cannot hold back tears. It got a lot worse after I had children. I literally cry at commercials. I cry at the shows at Disney because I am so thrilled that my kids get to experience them. I am a sap.
17. Posing for pictures. It seems like all of my female friends are really good at smiling nicely and stretching out their necks and doing whatever it takes to get a good picture…me not so much.
18. Getting up early. I am a night owl. I do not like to get up early, and if I have an early appointment that I need to get up for, I get so nervous about I can’t get any sleep the night before.
19. Doing my nails. I have relatively un-steady hands. It takes me eons to paint my nails and the polish ends up everywhere. I can’t stand looking at my hands if a nail gets even one chip, so I have given up. I rarely ever try to paint them.
20. Getting out of the house. I do have children so they obviously complicate things, but I still invariably forget something and have to come back inside for it. Sometimes several times.


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