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Twenty Christmas Presents…I can actually remember.

Twenty Christmas Presents…I can actually remember.

It’s the memories that are important and not the gifts right? So I am going to see if I can remember twenty from my childhood…here goes:

1.     Strawberry lamb. I mentioned this one in another story, but it is a strong memory from when I was four or five. My Aunt’s cameraman gave the stuffed animal to me, and I had never met him before. Surprised the heck out of me because she came in a box that was bigger than I was.
2.     My pink bike with training wheels. I received it when I was five or so, and didn’t learn to ride it without the training wheels until I was ten. I was stubborn, and the ongoing saga really frustrated my dad.
3.     Piano keyboard. Ten or eleven or so, this was a popular gift. The recorded demo on mine was a musical version of “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”.
4.      The original Nintendo. I begged for this one, and my mother hid it until after I had opened all of my other gifts, almost causing me to panic.
5.     Top Gun. I received it the same year, the video game to go with the Nintendo, and I had no idea why my parents got it for me. It was actually my dad who had gotten it for my grandfather who loved to fly. He and my dad spent most of that Christmas day playing the game.
6.     Amarige by Givenchy. My first real perfume that my host parents bought me for Christmas, the year that I was living in France.
7.     Ice skates. We had a pavilion where we could skate at the hotel near our house in Michigan. I don’t ever remember using the skates more than once or twice.
8.     Speak and Math. I cannot remember how old I was when I got the thing, but I played with it all of the time.
9.      The Simon and Garfunkel Ultimate Collection. I still may have one or two of the CD’s. I listened to these songs over and over again as a teenager.
10. Mousercise. There were three albums in the group. Silly songs, I can still remember a lot of them today.
11. Fantasia. I remember that my parents bought me the VHS movie the same year that my dad got us a shiny new Sony television. The picture was the most beautiful that I had ever seen. Especially the fish!
12. My pink skateboard. I wanted it because my friend next door was a boy and he had one. I never really learned to use it well, mostly played around with it in the driveway.
13. Pound Puppies. My grandpa collected a bunch of miniature ones for me that they were selling at some fast food restaurant over the holidays one year. I LOVED them.
14. My Little Pony Dream Castle. My mother kept it from when I was a kid and still has it at her house for my kids to play with. We have all of my old ponies here for them at our house. The kids were playing with them yesterday.
15. I Googled, but I can’t find it’s name. It was a long stick with rainbow keys from the seventies, which made delightfully annoying sounds. I loved the toy and it drove my dad crazy!
16. Jogging suits. This was the eighties, and everyone was wearing them. I begged my mother and I think that I got two of them for Christmas one year. They were horrible! Neon colors and they wade an obnoxious swishing sound when I walked.
17. My Lego airport. After we had it built, my friend next door and I spent hours and hours playing with it.
18. Christy. I think that was her name. My mom got me the Madam Alexander baby doll one year when she worked in a toy store that sold them. I promptly destroyed the very nice baby doll by painting her eyelids with nail polish.
19. My boom box. I think that I called it that, even though it was small and feminine and pink and purple. I spent a lot of time listening to my California Raisins cassette on it.
20. My swatch watch. I think that my aunt bought it for me one year and I was so excited. Then two months later it randomly disappeared. 


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