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Twenty Awesome memories…from 2013

Twenty Awesome memories…from 2013

1.     I am learning to re-post blogs on the internet and so forth, and I accidentally tagged Kevin Bacon in a recipe blog that contained bacon. An old friend of mine noticed it and called me on it. She totally cracked me up.
2.     My bonus mom and my dad were able to come and visit us for one day all of the way from Oregon. It was amazing watching my stepmother teach my daughters how to make one of my grandmother’s candy recipes.
3.     All of our friends seem to be having babies now. I got to meet two new beautiful baby girls this year who were very anxiously awaited and gratefully received. They are both so sweet that they make my teeth hurt.
4.     I have had amazing reunions this year. I got to see my cousin and meet her beautiful family. We probably haven’t seen each other for twenty-seven years. Same with my old babysitter and another friend from up north, and they all have awesome kids.
5.     While discussing “animal politics” with some of our closest friends, the subject of mermaids came up and my husband loudly announced: “But, mermaid is delicious!” This still makes me laugh.
6.     Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving with about twenty-five friends this year. It was completely different and so much fun.
7.     Groundbreaking for the community garden. It was a joy to see everyone working together to get it done, especially with all of the children pitching in.
8.      Rory’s fundraising campaign. My youngest daughter decided to go around the neighborhood distributing candy and letting people know how they could donate to Camp Sunshine.
9.     In the funeral procession from my grandmother’s church to her hometown almost half of the cars on the forty-minute drive pulled over to show respect. It meant a lot to me.
10. I got to see one of my best friends perform on stage for the first time, and she was outstanding…even if she says that the show was a mess. The animals were not feeling like doing what they were asked.
11. The moment that my husband got really upset because I had killed off one of his favorite characters in my book. That was when I knew that the story was as good as I thought it was.
12. My husband took me out for dinner for my birthday…not on my birthday. We haven’t been out very often in the past ten years. It is tricky having little ones and not living near family. Dinner was amazing.
13. I kicked the most totally awesome Kung Fu punch of my life at my husband’s birthday party last year. In my memory he hovered over the pool and there were cool comic book comments flying through the air. In reality, his cell phone was in his pocket when he hit the water.
14. The looks that my husband’s god daughter was sending him around May this year were absolutely priceless. She was going through a phase where the only man she would tolerate was her father. Every time my husband even looked at her from across the room she would start crying.
15. My girls got to be flower girls in my husband’s cousin’s wedding. They looked so adorable in their dresses, and had such a wonderful time getting to be a part of the amazing wedding.
16. We had the chance to travel back home to my family’s farm in Indiana in the fall. My kids had a blast getting to roam around the woods with my mom and her dogs, and reacquaint themselves with the land.
17. On the same trip I had the chance to go and visit my cousin at one of his jobs. He operates the mechanical bull at a local bar on weekend nights. It is a country bar, my husband and I had a blast watching him at work.
18. Going for my 4H group leader orientation. It was so amazing to sit in a room with a bunch of adults who volunteer their time to such an amazing organization.
19. We also got to attend our friend Pete’s wedding. He married a wonderful woman and they were both beaming through the entire ceremony and reception.
20. The other night, I woke up on the floor and found my husband sleeping beside me. When I went to sleep, he had been working late. I got upset about something that I saw online and went to sleep on the floor crying with the dog. He said that he had tried to wake me when he got home, but I wouldn’t get up. He said that he couldn’t let me sleep on the floor alone.


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