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Spit It Out!

Spit It Out!

I have been noticing pharmaceutical adds on television lately that are taking an even newer, more frightening turn. I have seen two different commercials that use the consumer’s own guilt as motivation to start taking a new drug. One of them is for an asthma drug and the other is for an antidepressant. In the commercial for the anti-depressant multiple family members of the supposed person suffering from depression are shown, complaining about how sad they are because their loved one isn’t interested in spending any time with them. The asthma drug add goes basically the same way insisting how stubborn the asthma sufferer is about not taking drugs and how they can’t really see how their asthma is affecting their own life and the lives of those around them.

This basically makes me sick, because the way that I see it, we now have big business bullying people into taking more drugs, that in my opinion, they probably don’t really need. I had a great, great, aunt who was very ill for a score of years before she finally died. At one point, she went into surgery because of a blockage in her stomach. What the doctors found when they cut her open was a large ball that had formed out of all of the gobs of pills that they had overprescribed. We ignore the fact that almost every one of our doctors and dentists gets a free lunch every day of the week, paid for by the pharmaceutical reps. We laugh lightly about the fact that every pharm rep out there looks like a runway model. And now we don’t even notice that these companies are basically bullying vulnerable humans with chronic diseases on national television. Really?

I come from genes of the seriously stubborn kind. I understand up close and personal that sometimes people don’t take a medicine that could help them. I think that what is happening far more often, is that people are taking drugs supposedly designed to help them that are ultimately contributing to their sickness rather than making them healthy. The lists of side effects on the majority of drugs is simply staggering. What little the average citizen, and even more surprisingly the average doctor, knows about nutrition is absolutely pathetic. I think that we would do ourselves a lot of good as a society if we took back our rights to our own health. It can be hard to step up and take back that responsibility. I have, because to me, my wellness is worth more than what some nameless company can make by selling me pills. I will not want to be their victim or their slave.

Medicine is amazing. The discoveries that we have made in medicine in just the past century are mind-boggling. I am blown away by the miracles that can be preformed in surgeries. Even certain pharmaceuticals have contributed to saving the lives of my loved ones; I would never discount that fact. I do know that the best thing that I can do for my kids is to teach them to take responsibility for their own health. Physically and mentally, they will be more empowered if they know that they own every right to their body. I am teaching them how to eat things that help to keep them strong and well. I am teaching them how to research on their own, so that when a doctor tells them they should take something someday, they can figure out for themselves whether or not it is the right choice for them to follow his advice. When we find ourselves in a system where people see a drug on television and then go and tell their doctors that they want that drug, we find ourselves in a backward system. When the same companies that are pushing their drugs during the nightly news are sending your family doctor on a cruise to the Caribbean, well, it’s obvious that something needs to change. 


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