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Really…Just Do It

Really…Just Do It

We have all heard it so often as an add slogan that we hardly pay any attention to it anymore. The slogan is brilliant of course, and so is the concept. When you really get down to it, the absolute hardest thing in the world to do is to get started. Once we get going with almost anything it becomes habit, we become accustomed to going through the motions and things flow. Its proven in physics, but we seem to forget to apply it to our everyday lives. It’s like getting in the pool each day for me, in the winter. I was talking to a friend who swims year round as well, and she told me about standing in front of the cold water and giving herself a pep talk before taking the plunge each day. “I’ll be warm after two laps…only two laps.”

I always tell people that the number one thing that I got out of public school was a remarkable ability to procrastinate. Aside from a handful of inspiring teachers who I can’t disregard, I educated myself by reading books. Procrastination however, I was brilliantly educated in, and it is possible that I have spent the last twenty years re-training myself. Sometimes, I look around and remember that I am managing to turn out some pretty remarkable work, while in the midst of three chaotic home-schooled children. Then there is the dog, and the housework, and my husband asking me to help him find things. Some days it is a miracle that I can get a cohesive sentence put down. That’s how I do it though, I just plow ahead like a bull in a china shop, and I get it done.

It’s like creating habits, and how the experts say that it takes around two weeks to develop one. After that point we become accustomed to the behavior, and repeating it becomes easier. I know it may sound a little careless when I say that I dive into things with such reckless abandon, but well, it works. If I sat around waiting for the perfect idea to come into my mind before I wrote it down, I would be sitting and waiting forever. I rely heavily on my muses, and as long as my mind is open and ready for them, the words just flow right through me and out of my fingertips. If I waited for the perfect time to do anything; like baking cookies with the kids, or going out to run errands. I would never ever get anything done.

I do plan…I mean I try. I merely can’t recall a single time that I have gotten out of the house seamlessly, or a moment of perfect family bliss where someone didn’t get their feelings hurt, or injure themselves, or break something. Jumping in and dealing with the chaos an incident at a time has evolved into a way of survival around our house. And to my delight, we get a lot done around here. We get a lot of good stuff done, quality moments that would never happen if we didn’t just dive in and go. When it’s hard, because it’s always difficult sometimes, I remind myself why I am doing it, and I find the inspiration that I need. Or failing that, I can try to picture the happiness that will be created as a result of my efforts. I can imagine the beautiful angelic smiles on my children’s faces on Christmas morning after I put all of the work into wrapping beautiful packages…well, before one of them tramples another en route to open those packages. Creating that voice in the back of my mind has been a powerful tool for me. Go…just do it…just get it done. It works.


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