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Our Good Start

Our Good Start

I realize that every new parent has vastly different ideas about how to raise healthy children. We have been immensely blessed to have three very healthy kids. While I understand that it has a lot more to do with the universe than it does with any one thing that my husband and I did or did not do while raising our kids, I wanted to share what we did anyways. I feel that we were hugely blessed just to get the opportunity to make the choices that we did with our kids. I know that some of the actions we took and choices that we made would be difficult ones for many people. This is simply our story, and what we did that worked for us.

We chose homebirth right off the bat, and we found a truly gifted midwife to attend our birth. In the state of Indiana this is technically illegal. People who are not registered nurses can be indicted for attending homebirths. Nurses who are caught attending them are promptly stripped of their licenses. It is not, however, illegal for any mother to choose to give birth in her home. I am grateful every day for Jennifer, and for what she risked to provide a service that she knew in her heart was the right thing to do. She was not able to deliver our twins at home because my daughter was severely footling breech, she did attend their cesarean in the hospital however. She also delivered our third child in our home, and she was brilliant.

We only had one ultrasound with our twins and one with our third child. We would never have had any at all except for the complication of twins with the first pregnancy, and the suspicion that the second pregnancy might be a multiple birth as well. We were concerned by the fact that ultrasound waves are capable of boiling water, and we didn’t wanted them repeatedly shot at our unborn children. I feel the procedure is a useful tool, but only as a medical necessity, not when done repeatedly to verify the sex of a baby. I am specifically skeptical about the procedure being done in malls, by poorly trained technicians, for the purpose of getting cute pictures. We have also worked hard to keep our kids away from x-rays. We have had to sign forms at dentists’ offices, even when our children were not having any dental problems, to verify that we turned down the option of having unnecessary x-rays. The first time that any of our kids had one was when our son was eight, and it was because he was having problems and the x-ray was necessary. We have yet to take our kids on an airplane, but I have great concerns for people who fly frequently and the amounts of radiation that they are being exposed to.

We did not have an actual pediatrician until our kids were six and four. Up until then we took them to a brilliant homeopath in Louisville Kentucky. We held off on vaccines for all of those years. We administered oral inoculant to them to help boost their immune systems. The first and only time that any of my children have ever taken an antibiotic was when she had a shot of MMR and came down with a severe ear infection two days later. Otherwise they have been relatively medication free, and I rarely give them ibuprofen or cough syrup. We avoid medications unless we believe that they are very necessary.

I breastfed my twins for the first year of their life. I breastfed my youngest for four months before I had to have my wisdom teeth removed and employ a bottle. The minute she got an artificial nipple in her mouth, I could never get her to go back on the breast. We used cloth diapers with our twins, but when their younger sister was born a year and a half later, we just couldn’t keep up with it. When she was on formula, we gave her organic rice formula that we bought from the health food store. I made my own baby food at home, though we could not always afford organic fruits and veggies…when that got hard to keep up with, we bought organic baby food. Until the twins were four, we followed the blood type diet, as suggested by our naturopath. It wasn’t too difficult for me because the kids and I all share the same blood type.

The kids are mostly up to date now on all of the recommended vaccines. I am not particularly happy about that fact, but we got to a point where the mainstream doctors were bullying us into doing so, so we relented. I will not however, let them get near my daughters with Gaurdasil. I highly recommend googling the vaccine if you have a daughter, it is completely unsafe, and I hope that it will soon be taken off of the market. I am still pushing fruits and veggies on my kids before they are allowed to have dessert. We eat out twice a month on average, and the rest of the time we are eating homemade meals. My kids don’t drink anything but water and soymilk at home. We are also all on a gluten free diet now, due to my daughter’s intolerance and mine. My children have never had a flu shot, I do not understand the logic in them.

My favorite medical book ever written is called How to Raise a Healthy Child…In Spite of Your Doctor. It was written by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn. The man was a genius and a humanitarian. He died back in the seventies, and I am more grateful for the work that he did than I can express in words. There are many times when I have gone back to his book for advice and comfort.

Here is a link to where it can be found on Amazon:

Here is another link to a book on the blood type diet:

 Every healthy child is an enormous blessing and I do not speculate to know the right way to go about things. I just wanted to share our journey in the hopes that it might be helpful to someone else.


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