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20 Things…I like about my body.

20 Things…I like about my body.

We were having a discussion this weekend about body image, and how hard so many of us are on ourselves when it comes to our bodies. I have some pretty smart friends, and I can’t say that we came up with any miraculous solutions to the problem. I can say that from what I understand, the majority of adults who are fighting with themselves over body image issues, have issues that were established when we were kids. The big message behind that is that we need to do everything we can to try to prevent our kids from developing the same issues. I thought that an exercise like this might be a healthy way to start. Anyone should be able to sit down with their own children and make lists like this together. Here is my stab at it:

1.     My eyes. I have the exact same eye color as my paternal grandfather. It is not a striking, but relatively light, blue. For much of my childhood I did not appreciate the fact that it was a unique eye color.
2.     My posture, I slouched as a child, probably to hide my breasts the best that I could. I stretched myself upright again though, and I am proud that I now stand up straight.
3.     My hearing. I can hear very well. When I had my foster boys who were great, yet somewhat sneaky, I swear that I could hear them turn over in their beds upstairs in the middle of the night. I was once even accused of having superpower hearing by one of them.
4.     My legs. Not because they are shapely, but because they are strong. I got them from my dad, strong, German. I could probably walk for days.
5.     My feet. They are not small or dainty. They are actually odd and quirky looking. I have really high arches, and I carry my weight well on my toes.
6.     My collarbone. It protrudes on my chest a bit and my husband finds that sexy.
7.     My incisors. They are the teeth in my mouth that I have had the fewest issues with, and they are very pointy…a guess it’s a vampire thing.
8.     My wrists. They are not so good for yoga, but they are incredibly amusing when I point them out to people because they are so tiny. I had a hilarious visit to the jeweler’s to get a watch fitted once.
9.     My butt. It has always been really strong and muscular, even before I ever worked out. I have no idea why.
10. My hands. They are very heat and abuse resistant. I guess I toughened them up after years of working with flowers and the espresso machine.
11. My lungs. I can carry a very long note and I can also hold my breath for over a minute.
12. My ears. They aren’t too big, or small, or pointy. They are simply well fitted to my head.
13. My boobs. This appreciation only came with maturity. I grew up being jealous of flat chested women who could wear any top that they wanted. They did a hell of a job giving a good start to my three children, so they may not be perky, but I have learned to love them all the same.
14. The skin on my inner arm below my elbow. It is probably the most sensitive spot I have.
15. My height. I may not be super tall, but compared to the other women in my family I totally won the lottery and I am grateful.
16. My smile. It is strong, and it is genuine, and smiling makes me happy.
17. My toes. They continue to heal and keep me moving regardless of how many times I have broken and abused them.
18. My hair color. It is a little bit of everything, and sort of hard to explain. A lot like me.
19. My eyebrows. They stay inside the lines relatively well, and are incredibly low maintenance.
20. My brain. Of course. The most beautiful thing about me.


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