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Twenty Odd Things…That make me ridiculously happy.

Twenty Odd Things…That make me ridiculously happy.

1.     When my pool pump is running strong and steady. I adore my pool, and sometimes the pump loses pressure and I have to battle with it to get it working correctly. I love when the fountain is bouncing happily along. I cheer it on.
2.     When I get to eat something particularly delicious. Food makes me so happy that I often do a happy dance while eating. That’s how my husband knows he has put something truly wonderful together.
3.     When my kids are polite to strangers without being asked. It absolutely makes my day when they remember to say please and thank you. My son often addresses people as Sir or Ma’am.
4.     My bed…it is so wonderful. I like to lie in bed after I wake up and just pet my sheets and hug my pillow and stretch. I have one favorite pillow and his name is squishy.
5.     Sweating. I love to sweat. It makes me feel healthy and clean and energized.
6.     Getting a good deal. I get really happy when I am going through the check out line at the grocery store and everything that I am purchasing is on sale.
7.     Talking with my mom. Not only is she the only person that I can understand when I am talking on the phone, she is also the only person that I talk on the phone with at length. We talk several times a week and a typical conversation lasts about an hour.
8.     Taking hits. I practiced kung fu when I was younger. I like to spar and I actually enjoy taking the hits. I think it is because I feel like I am proving my bravery or something.
9.     The sensation of circulation rushing back. I used to crouch on my legs until the circulation completely stopped, and then straighten them to feel the blood rush back in over and over again.
10. Sunshine. I am a total sunshine addict and very grateful that I live in Florida. More than one day of cloudiness, and I get a little sad.
11. Musicals. I sing along with them. My idea of a utopic society is one where people sing and dance around all of the time.
12. Suntan lotion. It is one of my favorite smells on the face of the planet, it and blueberry smelly markers.
13. Being tickled on my inner arm. For some reason the lower part of my inner arm is one of the most sensitive spots on my body. I would rather be tickled there than get a professional massage, hands down.
14. The trombone. I think that the jazz trombone is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world; conversely, bagpipes make me want to claw at my own ears. I mention this because I have one friend in particular that this bothers, and I like to rub it in. 
15. Picking. I am a picker, I admit it, and I know that I am not alone. I leave my kids alone for the most part, but I do even attack my husband’s blackheads when he will let me.
16. The stage. I caress every stage that I have a chance to get close to. I have gotten down and kissed the stage in my high school auditorium.
17.  Puzzles. I really do love the heck out of a good jigsaw puzzle…my sister in law is the only person that I know who understands this.
18. Getting my hair done. Not in the salon, but having it played with or braided. I remember when I was a little girl, it seems like that was all the little girls did when the teacher let us sit on the floor together.
19. Caviar. I don’t care about the flavor much; it is the texture that I love. I can’t get enough of popping the tiny individual balls between my teeth.
20. Asparagus pee. This one is the weirdest, I know. My favorite author, Tom Robbins, mentions it in one of his books…the way that your pee smells really strange after you eat asparagus. I always notice it now, and it makes me laugh every time.


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20 Things…you learn after moving to Florida.
1.There is a big difference between a roach and a palmetto bug. Real roaches are the guys from New York. They infest, they are spooky smart, they are dirty and nasty, and you have to work really hard to get rid of them. Palmetto bugs however, are big and creepy and dumb. You usually see them outside at night and they will fly right at your face. They don’t infest because they are native and they can’t survive in our AC temps. 2.Every public indoor place will always be frigid. Most of your friend’s houses will be as well. I take a sweater with me almost everywhere that I go, and if I forget to I regret it. 3.Outside of weather emergencies, weathermen are superfluous. In the rainy season, which is most of the time, there is an eighty percent chance of rain, every single day. The weather man has no idea what time it will rain, how hard, or for how long, and there is no way for him to predict it. You just have to go out there with your fingers cr…

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December tenth today and I swam my thirty laps in the pool. It’s pretty chilly, but I don’t really feel it after the second lap. I am so grateful that I am able to keep swimming this late into the season. My body responds much better to swimming than it does to running, and I still get a great cardio work out.
This is our seventh or eighth Christmas in Florida now. To be honest, it wasn’t much of an adjustment for me. I have lived in climates where we got tons of snow. I even graduated from high school in Northern Michigan, but I really don’t miss it. I am a worrier, so snow just makes me think of bad roads and car accidents. I think snow is absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t like the cold. I would be perfectly happy if snow stayed on mountains. I would visit it to ski.
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