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Tabloids…accepted evil.

Tabloids…accepted evil.

I will try to keep this one as positive as I possibly can, considering that I have nothing; absolutely nothing good, to say about the ridiculous things. I believe in freedom of speech, obviously, I am a writer, but tabloids are something that we really need to start taking a look at. I have been passively airing my dislike for the things in my grocery store check out aisle, in the hopes that the clerks will hear what I am saying and pass the information along. What I probably should have done by now, however, is approach the manager of my local Publix, explain how I feel, and politely request that the store stop carrying them, or even consider moving them so that they aren’t staring everyone in the face as they pay for their groceries.

 I am pretty crazy about how Jesus went about things, and I am relatively positive that in his eyes, gossip was a big no-no. I can’t understand why when we live in a country where Christianity is so widespread; the incessant consumption of gossip rags has not been put into question. The damage that can be done by gossip is immense. Mankind has recognized this for centuries. The problem is not that the stuff is being published; the problem is that we are all consuming it. It needs to stop, these things are not just journals of brutal gossip, but they are equal journals of all out lies.

I saw a lot of pictures of Kim Kardashian over the past several months. Of course, taken at the worst possible angles at the most terrible times. The woman is pregnant, and to be quite honest we should be celebrating the fact that she looks like a normal healthy pregnant woman, instead of a pencil thin model with a pillow under her shirt. These tabloids are just trashing her of course, and it’s simply mean. I know that she puts herself out there and maybe even seeks out the negative attention to further her career…but why are we paying any?

We know that the fact tabloids exist did pretty much cause the death of the late Princess Diana. If that isn’t going to make us stop and start paying attention to the problem, then what is? Tons of people are wondering why Miley Cyrus behaved so disrespectfully on television. Isn’t it obvious that she was doing it for media attention? All press is good press right. If you act like a degenerate pole dancer, people are going to stop and pay attention. We are literally corrupting our young people by consuming this garbage.

Well, rant completed. Um…back to positives. I have the ability to share my opinion, to request that the stores I frequent take action, and to suggest to others that they might want to consider not purchasing tabloids anymore.  The only way that we can get rid of the consumables that we have a problem with, is to stop consuming them. We have the power to change anything that we seek to for the better, if we simply speak our minds in kindness, and take action. 


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