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Focus…my frustration over the focus of humanitarianism

Focus…my frustration over the focus of humanitarianism

We prefer to hold on to the illusion that horrifying things don’t happen to girls and women here in the USA but they do. The fact that we continue to let this violence exist is just as inexcusable as the fact that we are comfortable knowing that it occurs in foreign countries without being compelled to change the situation. There are more animal shelters in the United States than there are shelters for battered women and children. We collect more money to help abused pets than abused people. Why isn’t Sara MaLaughlin singing about abusive husbands in commercials on television, while the camera pans through the images of the injuries that they have inflicted upon their wives and children?

The violence isn’t just happening to women either. We as a nation, refuse to acknowledge the enormous problem of sexual abuse among young males in our country. We are literally letting young men be dragged into sexually depraved mind states, bred by the abuse that they are suffering, because the topic is too uncomfortable for us to pay attention to. Yes. It is happening, and it is wide spread. Younger brothers are being abused by older brothers who have been abused by uncles and mom’s boyfriends…every single day. It is sick and extremely psychologically damaging, and no man ever wants to admit that it is happening because in our society: not only will people refuse to believe him, but they won’t even pause a moment before they blame him himself. How sick is that?

In the city of Atlanta they are constantly airing television campaigns trying to raise awareness about car seats. I have come to a place where I literally loathe car seats, because of their ability to distract squeamish people with money and time to spare from the real issues. I don’t know exactly how many children die in this country every year from the inadequacies of the car seats that they are riding in, or the fact that they are not riding in one at age twelve. I do know that the city of Atlanta is one of the largest hubs for human trafficking in the United States. I know that the number of women, boys, and girls being herded through that city, headed for their future of rape and lifetime slavery, far surpasses the number of kids being killed because they aren’t in car seats. I do know that there are narcotic drugs being used to place abducted girls in a state of mind where their captor can walk them easily through an airport, while they remain in complete compliance, seeking no help or rescue, as they are walked onto a foreign flight.

Speaking out, and telling others that stopping the abuse of humans should be the problem primary focused on in our country gets me labeled as a liberal feminist. I am not sure why this is exactly, because if you really stop and think about it, the salvation of humanity is a rather universal ideal. Yet women who stand up and point out that our nation is full of a bunch of sissies who like to focus their humanitarianism on car seats and animal shelters because issues like battered women, raped little boys, and children being sold into slavery are too big and scary to acknowledge and face, are constantly mocked and ridiculed.  I like to be positive, and I know that once the appropriate focus is put on these problems, we will find ways to solve them. Let’s look at the difficult realities and deal with the big problems for once. They are growing while we turn our backs on them and ignore them. Please don’t be a bully when it comes to people who are trying to encourage positive change. We have been making fun of them for a long time; it’s time to recognize what we are doing. We are finally facing the fact that our children are being bullied…let’s take the next step and recognize that we might be bullying our friends as well.

For more information on human trafficking visit:

For more information on domestic violence and how you can help stop it:

There are very few organizations out there dedicated to helping male victims of sexual assault and that needs to change. Here is a staggering visual reminder of why:


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