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Mom Make the Rice!

Mom Make the Rice!

Here’s the set up: Our neighborhood has a main street with a wonderful wide sidewalk and all of the house lined streets branch off of it. The other day when I was running and the kids were riding their bikes we passed a house that was right at the edge of where our section of the neighborhood meets the main street. There was a woman in the driveway hauling grocery bags from the trunk of her car into the house.

There is a park just off of our main street, maybe an eighth of a mile from where the woman was unloading her groceries. You can easily see the park from her driveway. As I crossed the street and ran past the park a young girl bellowed back in the direction of the house, “Mom!” She yelled it a couple of times, and when her mother finally answered the girl said: “Make the rice!”

And this is why I am blessed that I have a lot of practice with holding back. The lioness inside of me wanted to grab that little (insert expletive) down from the top of the tree house, drag her across the street to her mother, and force her to apologize. The girl was about thirteen or fourteen. Clearly, they had just gotten home, because mom was still un-loading the car. The girl was not helping her mother, as she certainly should have been. She had run off across the street to hang out with her pals in the park. And then…then she quite publicly barks an order at her own mother.

I know that mom is most likely responsible for her daughter’s behavior. She did not admonish her daughter for what she did while I was running by. It is possible that she talked to her daughter later, when she came home, but highly unlikely. Mom was already hard at work while kiddo played. At my house my kids would be un-loading the car for me, and if they ever speak to me that way, they know that they have a big punishment coming their way.

What the heck is up with people? I see this sort of behavior all of the time. I continually wish I could speak up to the disrespectful, snotty, possibly possessed children that I see out in public. If this is how they talk to their parents in front of others, how are they talking to them at home? If this is how these kids are speaking to mom and dad, what sort of respect could they possibly show for any other adult? This stuff seriously boggles my mind.

I had an acquaintance a long time ago. She had a baby. She and her husband had planned to have a single child, which they had decided to spoil ridiculously. The woman explained to me that she had had a rough childhood as had her husband; you only get to be a kid once, blah, blah, blah. So the dynamic duo had decided to give the little brat whatever she wanted, whenever, no matter how much. Good grief! There is no worse thing you could possibly do to a kid…well there is, but the kid would still probably come out better in the end than that one did.

I guess that I need to thank these people. My children will never walk out of an interview as teenagers without being offered a job on the spot. They may talk back to me from time to time, for which they are promptly punished, but I have never heard one of my kids disrespect another adult. My kids aren’t allowed to chew gum, when they roll their eyes it gets addressed. We talk about the importance of eye contact, good posture, speaking clearly and not mumbling. If you are not teaching these things to your kids, I beg you, get on it. You are doing your children a huge disservice if you are not teaching them how to be respectful, respectable adults.

Imagine a world where all of these little lazy snots have grown into adults, but are still behaving like they do today. Ha, ha…I know that they are already out there. I foresee it getting worse and worse if parents don’t stand up and do something about it. Our country is getting less and less…and less polite. Look at our press. They are rude obnoxious liars for the most part, who parade around as professionals. And we just accept it.

I should have stopped running that day. I should have stood in front of that teenager and told her that the way that she had spoken to her mother really offended me. Could it have caused me problems or ended up in a challenging situation? Of course it could have, but you know what? Our kids are more important than avoiding a complicated situation. I have a right as an adult to stand up and point out bad behavior when I see it happening. It shouldn’t be done in a rude way, but in a concerned way. I don’t want that kid to grow up and talk to anyone in that tone of voice. We all have the right not only to address this type of behavior, but we have a common responsibility to. I will do my best to keep my kids from growing up into self-inflated slobs for you. I would appreciate it if you considered returning the favor.


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