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I am mom…

I am mom…

I am: The nanny, the teacher, the personal assistant, the pet groomer, the secretary, the maid, the cook, the lifeguard, the book keeper, the party planner, the social coordinator, the nurse, the driver, the leader, the coach, the cheerleader, the decorator, the personal shopper, the mentor, the therapist, the teacher, the tutor, the translator, the garbage collector, the dog washer, the seamstress, the crisis manager, the disciplinarian, the muse, the comedian, the music coordinator, the supporter, the direction reader, the worrier, the wife, the shoulder to cry on, the bug smasher, the snake catcher, the alarm clock, the pool boy, the travel agent, the school counselor, the photographer, the historian, the advocate, the punishment administrator, the errand runner, the mail collector, the coupon cutter, the public relations manager, the librarian, the problem solver, the mediator, the shoe finder, the dishwasher, the handywoman, the listener, the lecturer, the smart shopper, the menu planner, the dietician, the house painter, the furniture mover, the car washer, the limit setter, the time keeper, the jerry rigger, the protector, the nurturer, the peace keeper, the judge, the crossing guard, the splinter remover, the question answerer, the supervisor, the voice of reason, the boo boo kisser, the sanitation specialist, the hair dresser, the researcher, the baker, the daughter, the daughter-in law, the shoe shiner, the craft coordinator, the chaperone, the room mother, the domestic engineer, the care taker, the reminder, the videographer, the peace maker, the temperature taker, the dog walker, the story teller, the weather man, the stylist, the investigator, the barista, the janitor, the bar tender, the electrician, the plumber, the exterminator, the crier, the lover, and I am the glue.

Thank a mom today for everything that she does. Mothers are priceless.


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