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WOVEN Chapter 1 Gabriel

        Here is another look at the first chapter of Woven. Don't forget to check it out. Available on Amazon right now, just click on the link at the right side of the page.

1 Gabriel                                                                                                                    

Gabriel moved softly and silently through the trees at the edge of the woods. He was pure concentration, stalking. He could see the man, his target, through the misty drizzle. His view was broken with flashes as branches and trunks passed between predator and prey. Gabe’s anger was humming in the damp darkness. He could hear it in his ears as he focused on the crunching sounds that the stalker made shifting where he crouched, across the park. Hidden in the thickness of the woods, he watched and waited.
God I want this one tonight, he thought to himself. You’ve been watching this one for four nights in a row now you bastard. Just go after her already so that I can finish you off and be done with it. If he didn’t get this guy before he hurt another girl Gabe swore he didn’t know how he was going to live with it. The evasive son of a bitch had slipped through his fingers for the last time. Gabriel could feel it. It was in the air tonight.  
She moved steadily into view, a sweet looking little college student with a long blond ponytail that swished rhythmically behind her as she ran. Mindlessly enjoying her music, completely oblivious to all of the creatures lurking in the night. Jesus, she couldn’t be more than twenty or so, and five feet tall maybe, tiny. For the life of him Gabe still could not understand why these girls insisted on coming out to such desolate areas by themselves at night.  
Gabe had an eye on his man as the man watched her. He could feel the weight of his pornographic gaze. Hear the sound as the man’s pulse picked up. The piece of shit was wound tightly, ready to spring. Gabriel stayed right on him just waiting for that moment when the stalker would make his move. Then he could be across the park and on him before he even knew what was happening.
Suddenly, another woman came wandering down the path. Shit, thought Gabriel. Shit! He didn’t need another person in the mix right now. He concentrated. He used his superior vision to focus on the woman.  He recognized her.
Oh god, oh no! Get the fuck out of here! Jesus, what in the world was she doing here? Gabriel knew the woman. Antonia. He had been watching her for a long time, not stalking so much, more of an occupational hazard.
He had noticed her months ago working at the coffee bar near his home. It was a good place to pick up leads because the owners made sure to hire beautiful people to staff the place, and the clientele followed suit.
Lots of first dates happened there. Lots of jerks leering inappropriately at their first dates happened there. He couldn’t count the number of couples that he had tailed home from that place. Gabe’s hunches were beyond good. He could spot an abuser in a second.
The first time that he saw her, she was locking the door and leaving the place. Twelve o’clock at night. Why people wanted to drink Italian espresso before they went to bed was beyond Gabe. It was winter then, colder than tonight, but with the same soupy mist clinging to the air. As soon as she stepped outside, a light layer of moisture was settling on her soft pink cheeks and her long brown hair.    
The yellow gold light from the streetlamps touched her olive skin and it glowed. Gabriel was instantly taken with her. He could almost feel a magnetic pull to cross the street and go to her, to be near her.
She wore a long dark raincoat that showed off her slim figure, his eyes lingered on the spot where the belt cinched at her small waist. For coming out of a busy shift making coffee and waiting tables in that crowded little place he would have thought that she would look tired and rumpled. She looked elegant though, sleek, perfect.
Gabriel had followed her home. It was what he did after all. She shouldn’t have been walking like that all alone, so late. Yes, it was a pretty safe area, but he couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go.
She moved so gently, almost like she was floating down the sidewalk and Gabe watched her as he stuck to the shadows far behind her on the other side of the street. He trailed her for ten blocks, or fifteen, he wasn’t paying attention. His concentration was locked onto her, to the way that she moved. He wondered what she was thinking about. He watched as she let herself into a building and then circled until he saw a light go on, up on the third floor. He couldn’t leave. He stood outside long after she turned out the lights and then the T.V. He finally forced himself to head back home that night and he was thinking; Oh man, I’m in big trouble.
And now, goddamn it, she was here. She never came down here and it was so dangerous at night. If this bastard that he was tracking got even so much as a look at her he would probably give up on his current prey and start stalking Antonia instead. Gabe couldn’t even bear to imagine it. Murmuring silent curses to himself he looked back to where the attacker was hiding, but he was suddenly gone.


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